Two Crows Sorrow

Two Crows Sorrow is creative-non-fiction based on actual people and events on Nova Scotia’s North Mountain in 1904.

This story affected and changed the whole community, as one shocking event led to others.

After spending months in the archives, researching newspaper articles and reading primary sources that often conflicted with each other, I pieced together what I believe actually happened, and wrote a vivid narrative to tell the story.

The entire process, from first idea through research to the finished book, took over four years to complete. I am really excited to share this story with you and hope that you fall in love with our heroine’s courage and will celebrate her story. She should not be forgotten.

I am excited to be working with Moose House Publications, Annapolis Royal, to bring this story to you in October 2019.

“Two Crows Sorrow is a terrifying and fascinating rendering of a true story which should never be forgotten.”

Christy Ann Conlin

Author of Watermark, The Memento and Heave

As I read the book, the details spoke to my imagination. I needed to visit the sites–to be in the spaces and filling my senses. I love it when words on a page come alive, compelling me to acknowledge our ancestors. Thank you, Laura, for telling our herstories..”

Wendy Robicheau

Acadia University archivist

“ Theresa McAuley Robinson’s memory was almost obliterated in a hundred years. Laura Churchill Duke can be thanked for helping to preserve the mystery around Theresa and her fate. From tiny, tucked-away Burlington, Kings County, N.S., Theresa represents many innocent women. Churchill Duke tells an exciting story that allows someone who might be termed an exemplary farmwife and mother to represent so many women then and now.”

Wendy Elliot

Journalist. Kings County Advertiser

“I am on the edge of my seat. I feel like I can see everything up there the way it was.” Candy O’Brien

Valley Ghost Walks

“Fantastic read!! Could not put 2 Crows Sorrow down. Laura easily transported me to a different place and time, tugging all the way on all my senses and my heartstrings, with her use of history, colourful imagery and flowing dialogue. Thank you Laura and bravo!!” Lori Lewis

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